About Us

WELCOME to Invensys Labs, Inc. where inventions begin!

"All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy" and thats exactly we don't do at our lab. Our mission is to invent applications that are smart, useful and interactive and make them available universally. Our day begins with a large cup of capuccino and a morning status meeting naah! thats boring! We strongly believe that inventions are born out of eccentricity. And when our inventors are not coding they are actually busy brewing keg of beer, playing with Bonnie, bicycling, dozing off, or always running out of bath tub with a "Eureka" moment!

Our open communication culture gives an opportunity to every inventor to interact with each other at any level about non work related activities and of course not to forget about the special "Eureka" moment as well.

We are always thankful to our customers, users and our team members for all the success we have achieved so far.

Without you this day light ain't be possible!

Cheers to all of you!


Web Development

At Invensys Labs we have always worked towards expanding our clients digital footprints. Providing Web Development is one of our premium services, we have a team of specialized strategists, designers, and developers who are not only experts in their fields, but also passionate for all things on web. With a commitment to delivering the best solutions for your digital needs, we dedicate ourselves to building engaging, flexible applications and experiences to help you reach your users across all devices.

App Development

a² + b² = c², e = mc², www.google.com, iPhone were not invented or built in a day and so was Rome. Behind every persistence there was a failure and that failure was pillar of success. Every application evolves based on user experience and feedback and we are constantly working behind the scenes to make our applications to the par. So that our valuable users can accomplish their tasks, save time and be cost effective. Below are our applications available for download on the apple app store.

Agile Development

Our goal is to work closely with you. We want to pay every attention to your requirement before even start crafting your product therefore we keep our ears and eyes wide open when we listen to your ideas. Because, we believe in you and want to work with you to take your innovation to next level and create a unique product that will empower your users with greater confidence in you and your app. Thus, we work alongside your team to establish a vision and strategy that will ensure your app is a success. Then, we head back to our lab to produce mockups, create interactive prototypes, write code, deploy your app and, ultimately, grow your user base and release updates.